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How to sew children's trousers

Children's clothing is sold everywhere and is in great demand, because babies grow fast. Despite this, it is not cheap, and sometimes stitched unsuccessful or of low quality fabrics. In addition, every mother would like to make your child does not like the others, because the child - is a continuation of her personality. Whatever it was, you can sew baby pants, responsible for the quality for yourself.

How to sew children's trousers

You will need:

Equipment: graph paper; line; pencil; tape measure. Measurements: putting the waist (from); putting the hips (On); the distance from the waist to the knee (DTC); length trousers (dB); hem width (SHN).

Instruction how to sew children's trousers

Step 1:

Construction of the front half of the trousers on the graph paper, departing from the edge of at least 10 cm (this stock for subsequent drawing lines), set aside the right 30 cm point T, then horizontally and put the point T₁. TT₁ = 30 cm from the bottom of these points aside lengths equal to the length of the pants, and at the end of each set of H and N₁:. CN = T₁N₁ H and N₁ connect a straight line. From the point of the T-down set aside a segment equal to 1/2 the length from the waist to the knee (DTC) with the addition of 2.5 cm and at the end I put the point: TN = 1/2 + DTC 2.5 From the point T to postpone down DTK addition of 1 cm and put K: TK = DCT + 1 From I put up 1/3 length TCs and set point B: BU = 1/3 TN After point B, I and K draw a horizontal line. Where these lines intersect with the segment T₁N₁, set point B₁, YA₁ and K₁.

Step 2:

The width of the front halves of the pants at the bottom (NPA) must be 2 cm smaller than the rear (Shzn): NPA = SHN-2 Shzn = SHN + 2 from the H point to the right and left aside ½ NPA and put N₂ and N₃: NN₂ = NN₃ = ½ NPA From the point of N₁ right and left aside ½ Shzn and put N₄ and N₅: N₁N₄ = N₁N₅ = ½ Shzn width of the front halves of trousers on the buttocks line denoted by line YA₂YA₃: YA₂YA₃ = ½ on + 1 From the point I left aside a segment YAYA₂: YAYA₂ = 3 / 5 YA₂YA₃ From the point I left aside a segment YAYA₃: YAYA₃ = 2/5 YA₂YA₃ Through YA₂ and YA₃ draw perpendiculars to the contours T and B at the intersection of set point T₂, T₃, B₂ and B₃.

Step 3:

The step width of the front half pants designated segment YA₃YA₄: YA₃YA₄ 1/10 = On + 1 From YA₄ and B₃ serifs make an arc with a radius equal to YA₄B₃. arcs mark the point of intersection point O. From the point about the same radius draw an arc connecting B₃ and YA₄ - get a concave portion of the line bow. YA₂ and N₂ connect a straight line at the intersection with the line of the tribes put K₂. From the point K₂ aside to the right of 0.5 cm and put K₃. Point to the right aside a segment equal KK₃, and put K₄. Draw a line through the points and N₃ K₄. Connect the smooth line and K₄ Ya₄.Shirina front half pants at waist level designated segment T₃T₄: T₃T₄ ½ = + 3 From point T₄ set aside up to 1 cm and put T₅: T₄T₅ = 1cm. T₃ and T₅ direct connect. T₅ and B₂ connect, divide in half and put the point O₁. From her up aside of 0.3 cm and put O₂. T₂, O₂ and B₂ connect smoothly. Point K₃ connect direct with YA₂ and N₂.

Step 4:

Construction of the back half of the total width of trouser pants at the hips (IIIb) is about 3.5-6 cm + allowance: IIIb = On + 4.5 Width rear halves of thighs: B₄B₅ = IIIb-YA₂YA₃ B₁B₄ = ¾ of B₄B₅ B₁B₅ = ¼ of B₄B₅ YA₁YA₅ = YAYA₃ through YA₅ and B₅ to the intersection with the line of conduct pryamuyu.Polozhenie waist front and back halves of trousers is determined by the balance of the product (b): b = 1/20 About 0.5 from the point of YA₅ through B₅ aside T₆ segment with a point at the end of : B₅T₆ B₃T₃ = + b from T₆ down aside 1/3 B₅T₆ and put O₃: T₆O₃ = 1/3 B₅T₆ Right from the point O₃ aside perpendicular 0.3 cm and put O₄. From the point of YA₁ right aside a segment YA₁YA₆: YA₁YA₆ YAYA₄ = + = YAYA₃ YA₃YA₄ From points YA₆ and B₅ serifs make an arc with a radius YA₆B₅, O₅ get the point from which the same radius draw arc B₅YA₆.

Step 5:

On YA₅YA₇ = ¼ - 0.5 Smoothly through the points T₆, O₄, B₅, YA₆ and YA₇ swipe back line. The width of the rear half of the pants at the knee line: K₅K₁ = K₁K₆ K₂K = + 2 (K₂K see the drawing of the front half of trousers). The resulting value set aside to either side of the point and set point K₁ K₅ and K₆. Connect straight K₆ and YA₇. To the left of point O₆ aside 0.5 cm and put O₇. K₆ N₅ and connect direct and K₆, O₇ and YA₇ smooth krivoy.T₆T₇ = ½ + 2 + 2 (2 cm 2 cm tuck and increase the free encirclement). From the point of the left do T₆ notch arc whose radius is equal to T₆T₇. From the point of B₄ make notch arc radius B₂T₅. The intersection of the arcs is denoted T₇. T₆ and T₇ soedinite.Razdelite cut in half and put T₆T₇ T₈ point, draw a perpendicular from it to tuck 6-8 cm long and put O₈ point. The ode side of T₈ aside 1 cm, put the points a and b, then connect the lines a and b point to O₈.Soedinite N₄, K₅, B₄ and T₇. From the point of B₄ down aside 1/3 K₅B₄ and put O₉. From it slide perpendicular to K₅B₄, left aside 0.3 cm on it, put a point O₁₀. Connect the smooth line O₁₀, K₅ and B₄. The middle of the front half of the trouser lift 0.5 cm (N₆), and the rear half of the middle of the lower 0.5 cm (N₇). Smooth curve Arrange the bottom line of both halves, taking into account these points.