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How to sew diapers newborn

The birth of a baby - it's the happiest moment in the life of the parents. And preparation for this event is accompanied by a pleasant troubles. For example, such as the purchase of diapers for the newborn. With the current abundance of fabrics for sale, diapers for the baby, you can make yourself.

How to sew diapers newborn

You will need:

- cloth (cotton, flannel); - Thread in tone; - tape measure; - A pair of scissors; - Sewing machine (Overlock)

Instruction how to sew diapers newborn

Step 1:

For diapers, choose soft to the touch, natural cotton fabrics (cotton thin diapers, flannel for warm). Now on sale there is a great offer of different fabric colors. For girls, you can choose the fabric in pink, with a girlish figures. The corresponding image on the fabric, you can select and boys. Such universal figures as toys and small animals, will suit any kids. Cloth pick up at the rate of 80-90 cm width of fabric. Calculate the length depending on the desired number of diapers at the rate of 110-120 centimeters each.

Step 2:

already finished diapers before actually reveal a diaper wash cloth to avoid fabric shrinkage. Once it is dry, iron it on both sides with a hot iron.

Step 3:

Fold the fabric in several layers the size of a diaper (110-120 cm). Cut along the folded edges. Some calico fabric is better not to cut and split a sharp jerk on the cross-threads, pre-notched scissors fabric edge.

Step 4:

If possible, the side edges of the diaper to treat overlock. You can flash a bright thread of contrasting colors. In the sewing machine prostrochite seam side edges of the diaper vpodgibku. If you are not sure you can just sew a seam on the machine, the pre-sew him in his arms. Then, basting prostrochite on a typewriter. The ends of thread to tie the knots, and cut.

Step 5:

Prepared baby diapers wash the powder in hot water (e.g. "Eared Nian"). After they dry, iron it on both sides with a hot iron. Fold them neatly pile. Diapers for the baby ready.