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How to sew the envelope in wheelchair

The benefits of sleep in the open air all know, mom and try to walk with your child as much as possible. It is very important that the baby in the stroller is not freezing, because he, unlike the older child, lying motionless. The carriage should be warm, and for this it is best to make the envelope. It can make, for example, from unnecessary coats, even suitable for children. If the hand is not fur, which can be used, make an envelope of flannel with synthetic padding.

How to sew the envelope in wheelchair

You will need:

-an old coat; -from 1.8 to 3.6 m flannel depending on the width; -belevaya gum; -sewing machine; -igolki, thread, scissors; -bumaga for patterns.

Instruction how to sew an envelope in wheelchair

Step 1:

Measure the inside of the carriage. The envelope must be placed freely in it and does not wrap around the edges. Draw on paper a rectangle with sides of equal length and width of the envelope. Draw a pattern pocket. It is a rectangle whose width is equal to the width of the interior of the carriage, and the length - at your discretion. You can only make a pocket for the baby legs, but you can make it long to peeking out only the head.

Step 2:

Find details of the material from which it will sew. If you make a fur envelope, you need to do 1 piece "mattress", 1 pocket detail fur and one piece of fabric. Do not forget about the allowances. For envelope sewn entirely of fabric, make a 2 parts. Find details of syntepon. Their number depends on the number of layers.

Step 3:

Determine which side is fur. The most convenient way to make an envelope fur outside, and the underside of the sheathing fabric. If there is a pad, suffer from it will not. Fold right sides pocket details to each other. Baste one of the short sides.

Step 4:

Fold the resulting preform wrong side together. In the envelope of tissue otutyuzhte seam in fur this is not required. Baste and prostrochite line at a distance of about 2 cm from the existing seam. You have turned kuliske. Thread the piece of gum in it. Fix her dressmaker pins at a distance of 4-5 cm from the edges.

Step 5:

Add the details of the "mattress", right sides together. If you make an envelope with a heater, first fasten the layers a few stitches. Place the heater on the wrong side of one of the rectangles and sour details.

Step 6:

Sostrochite sour cream and one of the short sides of the rectangle and the two long to the point where it will be the top of the pocket. Turn right side out and then iron the seams. Then iron into the product unsealed sections.

Step 7:

Put slices pockets between the layers of "mattress". Baste and Stitch detail on the front side at a distance of approximately 0.5 cm from the edge. Slightly pull the rubber band the upper part of the pocket, baste ends of the gum to the side edges of the pocket. Fill them in the side seams and scribbling.