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How to sew the girl dress for New Year

If you want to make your little girl was the most beautiful in the New Year holidays, give her this outfit Maiden. Let her feel the heroine of a fairy tale! Read these tips and you will be able to realize their fantasies to life!

How to sew the girl dress for New Year

You will need:

- white skirt - white T-shirt, blouse or jacket - gauze - wadding, padding polyester - thread - needle or sewing machine - "rain" or tinsel - beads, rhinestones, sequins, glitter - white, blue or silver fabric - tape or tapes - foil - scissors - cardboard - gum - adhesive

Instruction how to sew the girl dress for the new year

Step 1:

First, prepare an elongated white skirt. Note that it must necessarily be flared. To pick up skirt white blouse, shirt or jacket.

Step 2:

Take the gauze, the length of which is equal to the width of the hem. It lay thick wool, the strip length. Secure it with a double seam in the middle. The finished skirt can decorate the "rain" or tinsel, glitter, apply with glue or sew sequins, beads, rhinestones, etc.

Step 3:

To produce white capes take the cloth, blue or silver color, fold it in 4 times. Cut the neck, bottom and figured the smell of one of the parties. Gather the fabric along the neck line, sew the elastic tape, ribbon or tinsel. Edge cape obsheyte cotton or synthetic padding. Decorate the finished cloak foil snowflakes, crystals, rain.

Step 4:

As headgear easiest way to make a crown for it, cut it out of cardboard, glue and sew her gum. Ready headdress can paint paint, decorate with beads, sequins, "rain." You can also do applique of foil with rhinestones, sequins and other materials of your choice.