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How to sing the song with child

Any joint action brings parents and children, and creative activities also foster a sense of beauty, help to develop certain abilities. Singing - a great way to develop a child's musical ear, sense of rhythm and to train speech breathing.

How to sing the song with child

You will need:

- toys; - Candles; - Ribbon or wool yarn; - Bag.

Instruction how to sing a song with a child

Step 1:

Sing, doing housework. This is the easiest way to interest the baby singing. All children imitate adults, and sooner or later the child will try to you to sing along.

Step 2:

Be patient. Usually, at the age of 2-3 years old children are able to play a purely just a fragment of melody sounds 5-6. It is important not to criticize the child. It operates at maximum capacity. Quotes: "open your mouth wider," "eat properly", "not mychi" can lead to the fact that the child does stop singing or not to do in your presence.

Step 3:

Turn the singing game. In children aged 2 to 5 years of singing skills can be developed through simple musical games. Choose a fun children's song, which like both you and your child. Obey it and actively move, depicting events of the song. You can illustrate their actions through different objects. This will help the child to better remember the text. It will be good if it is included in the game, first repeating movements behind you, and then the word.

Step 4:

Help your child hear you. If the child is singing very softly or loudly speaks only a few words, it is necessary to work on the speech breath. Fold the paper tube and give it to the child. Let him sing in this improvised megaphone. Sound can be seen in the swing or feel the flame of a candle, put his mouth to her palm.

Step 5:

Work on vowel sounds. Often children do not sing a song, but just recite the words. Take a few ribbons or woolen thread, put them in a bag. Pull the tape one by one, saying a prolonged vowels.

Step 6:

If a child misses the sound size, you can play with him in the game of "Pass". Take a small toy and give it to the baby, singing a single sound, or a short word. Tiny little thing you have to return, repeating the sound. This game can be more difficult, not using single words and even lines and couplets.