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How to soothe a crying baby

The baby may cry for many reasons, because the infant can not tell you that he is concerned and that it hurts. At this age - this is his only way of communicating with the world. Just be patient and smart and find the cause of crying, you can quickly calm the baby.

How to soothe a crying baby

You will need:

-dummy; -quiet music; a purely diapers.

Instruction how to soothe a crying baby

Step 1:

Take the child in his arms and hug the head of his cheek, sing him a lullaby song. In no case do not raise your voice and do not shout at him. If the baby is breastfed - give him the chest, otherwise - pacifier. Sucking reflex in most cases, acts on the child comforting.

Step 2:

Turn off the bright lights, TV and tape recorder. Walk with your baby on a darkened room, stroking his back and head. Smile when you sing and talk with him, so he will know that all is well and calm down faster. Sometimes it may require more vigorous swinging. Sometimes it helps to calm the child quiet, relaxing music.

Step 3:

Check the diaper change it to clean if necessary. After that, if the baby is not hungry, try to shake it and put to bed.

Step 4:

Crying baby can be caused by the reaction of the baby on the mother's irritation or unfriendly situation prevailing in the family. In this case, you need to calm down and, if possible, eliminate the source of irritation.

Step 5:

Some children do not respond to the new situation. For example, the crumbs can irritate unfamiliar room and its lighting or the surrounding people. In this situation, the child can calm walk in the fresh air.

Step 6:

If you are tired and can not safely respond to the crying baby, ask your husband or grandmother to temporarily replace you. If at this moment, no one can help you - put the baby to bed and get some rest, and then try to calm him down again. Children react quite strongly to the mother's mood. The more relaxed you are, the better it feels the baby.

Step 7:

If a child is crying is different from the usual, and attempts to calm him do not give any results - always call a doctor. And while you wait medical worker, diarrhea baby in her arms and talk to him. Maybe your kid was ill, and that poor health is the cause of his tears.