How To Soothe Grudnichka | Children




How to soothe grudnichka

The process of birth is difficult for not only the mother but also the baby. For a new person comes into this world is associated with severe stress, because yesterday it was warm and cozy in my mother's belly. The kid is not able to cope with the discomfort and often cries, and parents do not always understand how to calm him down.

How to soothe grudnichka

You will need:

- cure for flatulence; - Sling; - Fitness ball; - Hair dryer; - a vacuum cleaner.

Instruction how to calm grudnichka

Step 1:

The most calming effect on the child's physical contact with his mother, it reminds him of the time when he was still in my mother's womb. Therefore, first of all, take the baby to cry in his arms.

Step 2:

Give your child's chest. Sucking calms babies, in addition, it also provides close physical contact.

Step 3:

Check for anything that may be causing your child discomfort. It can be crowded diaper or desire to go to the toilet, the baby can be cold or hot. If you find the cause of anxiety, eliminate it.

Step 4:

Often the cause of anxiety may be intestinal bloating. To improve the condition of the child in such a situation, make him a stomach massage, press the legs to the abdomen. It also helps carry the baby belly to belly. If simple methods do not help, try drugs against flatulence. On what medication is best to use, talk to your pediatrician.

Step 5:

Walk around the house with a baby. Children are very soothing rhythmic walking, after 9 months the baby feel as you move. In order not to get tired of wear on your hands, you can use special adaptations - slings, they remove the load from the muscles in the arms, spreading it evenly over the back of my mother. In addition, the baby in a sling is limited in movement that it also calms.

Step 6:

In infants, there are periods of jumps, in which a child may refuse the breast and cry for long periods for no apparent reason. This time of crisis is very difficult given the young mother. Limit at this time the number of possible stress for the baby - communication with a large number of relatives, bathing, massage. Try more than carry the baby in her arms. To soothe the baby, rocking to sleep state, this is very helpful for fitness ball. Also it has a calming effect on children the sound of water, a hair dryer or a vacuum cleaner - it is reminiscent of the sounds that accompany life in the womb. The sleepy baby stop being overexcited and take the chest.