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How to soothe the baby

It has long been widely believed that the cry baby, even useful, because he allegedly contributes to the development of the respiratory system. But this assertion is questionable. Would it be better for the baby if it is desperately screaming or not, get stressed or umbilical hernia, he could quite. Medical authorities and common sense suggest to parents that it is necessary to calm grudnichka.

How to soothe the baby

Instruction how to calm the baby

Step 1:

One of the most common causes of child crying - problems in the gastrointestinal tract. His system is not yet fully formed and very sensitive. If a baby has a stomach ache, after feeding, take him up and arrange in a vertical position. Let a little pobudet in a pose "soldier", and soon the characteristic light belching you will realize that the beginning of the digestive system to work. The kid soon will be easier.

Step 2:

You can use the old-fashioned remedies for colic: give the kid some water droplet dill. It will help him to get rid of excessive gas in the intestine. Place your baby on his knees, on a warm diaper, beneath his belly palm, do a light massage, stroking clockwise. Warm water bath and also help to save him from this trouble. But the warming of the stomach is not worth doing, so as not to hurt more. If the cramps do not stop, maybe you'd better see a doctor.

Step 3:

Maybe your child just hungry? Breastfeed, are older let a bottle of milk or gruel.

Step 4:

To calm a tired baby and fast asleep, walk, holding him in her arms, gently circled him seasick in the cradle. Talk to him. Your calm and confident voice, pleasant quiet music - miracle means to strengthen the nervous system of your first child.

Step 5:

See if your child lie down comfortably, do not interfere there any tight folds in clothing or diapers? They are not a cause of worry baby soiled nappies or diapers? Perepelenayte child is not very tight, but more gently. Once upon a time, in the old days, even infants swaddled in deliberately strong special strips of cloth.

Step 6:

If there is such a possibility, and the weather permits, try to make a child more likely to fresh air. This is very useful for his health, not to mention the fact that he quickly calms down and goes to sleep tight in the street.

Step 7:

Attract the attention of a toddler who is naughty, something interesting: show a bright, beautiful toy, a ball, a living plant on the windowsill. All new and unusual will love him.

Step 8:

And the most important means of calming the baby - a smile, your love for him, attention. And then you become a very good understanding of the reasons for the changes in his behavior, and he will have less reason to whims and crying.