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How to soothe the baby at night

Breastfeeding children often wake up at night, and this they have their reasons. Almost every family has its own rituals to calm the baby. The main ways that parents use, it is the elimination of the causes of baby anxiety and creating conditions for him, to which he was accustomed to during its intrauterine development.

How to soothe the baby at night

Instruction how to calm the baby at night

Step 1:

The child wakes up at night, when it's hot or cold, hunger or if it's time to change a diaper. Or had night terrors, because for the baby falling asleep - strange phenomenon. Suddenly everything had disappeared, including my mother, why, why? Understand the causes of nighttime awakenings, any mother eventually begins to separate them intuitively. Accordingly, comfort the child after the elimination of these causes.

Step 2:

A child can often wake up at night and cry from what he is teething. He is concerned about the discomfort in the mouth, may increase the temperature. In such cases Malse give children medication based on paracetamol and gums lubricate analgesic gel. Another common cause of nocturnal anxiety - abdominal pain caused by flatulence. In this case, make the baby a gentle massage of the abdomen and attach a warm diaper.

Step 3:

Very young children, up to three months, worried at night for reasons that parents often can not properly evaluate and correct. If the baby is fed, his dry diaper, he was not thirsty and had no intestinal colic - it create favorable conditions to which he was accustomed to during his stay in the mother's body.

Step 4:

First, tightly swaddled baby, his hands free - an unnatural state for him. In time, children are often scared of involuntary hand movements. In addition, during the child's stay in the womb, he was accustomed to cramped, but it was safe and comfortable. Then place it on its side, it was to curl up inside the mother. Position the baby on his back will only increase his anxiety.

Step 5:

Then relax the baby quiet hissing sound. For nine months he had been accustomed to hear the noise of my mother's body is his calm. The louder the baby cries, the more shipite his ear. Give him a pacifier or breast, during their fetal development baby sucking fingers, it is usual for him.

Step 6:

Now, when the baby tightly swaddled, lying on his side, and with a pacifier in his mouth - take him in my arms and start rocking. The amplitude of the movements should be small, not worth much to rock the baby. It is more than the usual small smooth movements, which he felt during his prenatal development. Once you have eliminated the obvious causes of nocturnal restlessness and created a child familiar and comfortable environment, he will sleep peacefully.