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How to soothe the baby when he cries

Mom - the most important and the hardest profession in the world. You do not have days off, coffee breaks and sick, you work day and every minute. Mom will cope with everything, but when the baby cries, it is even ready to give up. Kid comes from crying and tears, and you can not stop it. Nerves pass, you start to get angry, and ready to break. Wait, you have tried to calm him down? Do not raise your voice and punish, namely, to reassure? This can be done as follows.

How to soothe the baby when he cries

You will need:

Encyclopedia of child care, indoor fountain, toys, pets.

Instruction how to calm the baby when he cries

Step 1:

If a child is crying, then there is a reason, and that's how serious it is - a wet diaper or a desire to bite the cat's ear, it's up to you already. To soothe the baby, try in order to eliminate possible causes of crying.

Step 2:

Child wet - it's time to change diapers. Even if the hospital you were told that you need to swaddle every 2-3 hours before feeding, it does not mean that the baby is "doing their business", should quietly wait for the next diaper change.

Step 3:

The kid is hungry - grudnichki tire quickly, so they can fall asleep right in the middle of feeding, not having eaten. In this case it is convenient to feed your baby on demand. To find out if your baby enough milk, carry out the test on the "wet diapers."

Step 4:

The child wants to sleep. Overexcited pipsqueak can not immediately go to sleep, though much wants. Be patient and try to lull him. In this situation, assistants will be calm or quiet music murmuring water - indoor fountain or a thin jet of water pressure in the bathroom. Humming a lullaby, you can even slightly waltz, lulling a child. More walk in the fresh air and well ventilated room where the baby sleeps.

Step 5:

If grudnichok crying while swimming, walking, dressing, perhaps the first experience of these treatments have been unsuccessful. The child is afraid and feels uncomfortable. Create favorable conditions, stroke, say kind words, all the traffic will be even softer and smoother. The first days of the newborn can be lowered into the tub with a diaper, it's easier to get used to a change in temperature. Sometimes babies cry in the street, do not like to be in a wheelchair. Please bear a child in her arms, rocking and put in a wheelchair, so he will get used and will no longer be afraid.

Step 6:

Check for frozen or overheated baby. It is also a cause of crying. Inexperienced mothers all exaggerate and wear vests instead of one two - just in case.

Step 7:

If all of the above reasons are irrelevant, probably the baby feels pain. This cramps, and fever, and cold, and teething. In this case, consult your pediatrician. Do not self-medicate.

Step 8:

To soothe the baby when he hit or scared, try the following tips: • Get on your hands and change the situation, carried to another room, go to the window, pat, perhaps. • laughing child - tickle, diarrhea 'plane was. " • Display a favorite toy or a pet, six-month kids are very fond of "moving toys." • If the baby stuffed lump - Blow, for children it is a real delight, and at the same time punish "the offender" who is to blame.

Step 9:

Grown up child urgently requires exactly what he can not. Use imagination, son wants a crystal glass - offer an empty plastic bottle, trying to get into your box - give a large empty box and hide it in toys. This must be done very quickly, improvisation can help you in any situation.