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How to speed up the fight

If deliveries are slow, then it becomes an ordeal for the child and mother. Accelerating labor and delivery process it can be dictated by medical conditions, so it is assumed to use all available methods.

How to speed up the fight

Instruction how to speed fight

Step 1:

At the first sign of beginning of labor a woman may take measures so that the process turned out to be lengthy and not too long. It is necessary to move, because the body position change does not only speed up the fight, but also bring relief in the form of reduced pain and discomfort. Walk around the room, crouch, often change the position of the body. It is useful to shake her hips from side to side, bend forward at the time of the fight.

Step 2:

Empty your bladder more often - in a crowded state, it may slow down the passage of the baby's head. During labor all the senses are sharpened, and you can not feel the urge to urinate, so try to relax and control the process of urination.

Step 3:

If you are at home, you can take a warm shower or bath. This procedure will reduce the pain and helps to relax the muscles, easing the flow of labor and stimulating the process of childbirth. To enhance the fight, you can try to wash the floors, several times up and down the stairs, to have sex. Sexual intercourse increases blood circulation in the pelvis, which may become an additional stimulus for the activation of labor. Irritation of the nipple causes uterine contractions, so lightweight, titillating breast massage you can do yourself or ask someone from relatives. Enema bowel purgative promotes reduction, which simultaneously acts on the uterus, causing its activity.

Step 4:

Medical ways to accelerate the contractions are designed to reduce the duration of the labor process and are conducted in the maternity hospital. Puncture membranes is painless and causes a strong increase in labor. Introduction of labor stimulants help strengthen contractions. Artificially induced contractions become stronger and more frequent, increases pain and may require administration of pain medication.