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How to speed up the growth of the child

Regular exercise, proper nutrition and a healthy, fully secured the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals, sufficient time for sleep contribute to the development and maintenance of normal growth of your child. But you must remember that the growth of the baby almost largely genetically programmed. Still, we can also help the child to grow.

How to speed up the growth of the child

Instruction how to accelerate the growth of the child

Step 1:

First, your baby needs regular and sufficient physical exercise. The motor activity of the child is decisive for the improvement of metabolism, and, consequently, more rapid growth. It is better to grow those kids who have enough time to be outdoors, play, play sports.

Step 2:

Fill your child's diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. Their lack is usually a very strong effect on the child's growth. In adults, there is a good opportunity to adjust the growth of the baby through the introduction of its food garden - vegetable vitamins growth. Thanks to them, the child's growth can be increased by several centimeters. Scientists have proved that orange vegetables and fruits are the most beneficial to the growth of the baby. Therefore, often add to the diet of your baby pumpkin, carrots, turnips, oranges and other fruits and vegetables.

Step 3:

For a quick and proper growth of the child is very important healthy and adequate sleep. After all, the dream is generated most of the growth hormones. Violation of developing such hormones may happen if the baby is not getting enough sleep, or restless later falls asleep. In order to accelerate the growth of the child, teach him to go to bed on time and respect the day.

Step 4:

For a child's growth is equally important, and psychological mood that is present in the family and in the relationship of parents. For some families in modern society applies such a thing as stunting. This is due not only to poor diet. The child feels the parent attitude, unnecessary insincerity, and this may slow down the growth of the baby. Therefore, the most important thing - it is a genuine parental love.

Step 5:

And finally, if all these do not help, then promptly show the child to the doctor. If your child has a congenital short stature, then, in addition to all these factors, it must be treated by a competent endocrinologist.