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How to speed up the teething

Often the first teeth in infants is associated with excruciating pain and, as a consequence, whims, sleepless nights. Call the appearance of teeth prematurely can not be - it is a physiological condition of the body, developing its own program. However, if the process is the emergence of teeth has begun, and it obviously gives the child discomfort in your power a bit to ease his condition.

How to speed up the teething

You will need:

- cooling gel; - Toy-gryzunki; - First-fingertip toothbrush.

Instruction how to speed up the teething

Step 1:

The main thing for years proven, remedy for teething - massage gums. He did clean parental finger. After washing hands and safe planting baby on her lap, gently massage the gums to avoid strong pressing. You can use a special tooth brush in the form of silicone fingertip with soft tendrils. It is possible that at first may seem painful massage the child, but he quickly feels investment from itching gums.

Step 2:

Use special cooling gels. The pharmaceutical industry has not remained deaf to the suffering of children from the appearance of the teeth and released several versions of gels to relieve pain, "Dentinox", "Kalgel", "Kamistad", "Mundizal", "Holisal", "Doctor Baby" (the latter is suitable in including for children with allergies). You can make local applications of these gels 3-4 times a day, it is recommended to use them no longer than three consecutive days. Most of the products have a pleasant taste, because in addition to the main active ingredient (lidocaine) contains menthol and other flavors harmless.

Step 3:

Let's chew toy baby special (silicone gryzunki), as well as solid foods, age-appropriate: drying, bread slices, apple slices, carrots, etc. The child himself will give a signal that it's time to buy him a teething ring, began to pull their fingers and various items. Active self-massage the gums to help the first teeth appear a little faster.