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How to spend in the kindergarten open day

Admission to the Children's Garden Child - an important event for the employees of preschool institutions and parents. Further interaction with parents of kindergarten team depends largely on what will be the first meeting. By organizing an open day, you need to install with parents of future pupils of the trust relationship.

How to spend in the kindergarten open day

Instruction how to spend in the kindergarten open day

Step 1:

This form of work with their parents allow them to get acquainted with the objectives, rules and traditions of pre-school institutions. In the course of the event it is possible to establish between teachers and parents friendly relations. It is important to show that the facility creates a comfortable psychological and competent teaching environment for the successful development of the child.

Step 2:

Inform parents about holding an open day in advance of need. Inform them on the phone or through advertisements in the press. It is also possible to paste up ads in the children's clinic.

Step 3:

The head is necessary to publish the internal order "On holding an open day for parents of future pupils." Experts and teachers have to prepare for consultations on the various activities of the preschool. Identify a place where parents could join undress. Assign responsibility for the safety of things. Music Hall and Hall Arrange for conversation. Organize an exhibition of works made by children, together with teachers and parents, drawings.

Step 4:

Perform a stand on the rights of parents and their responsibilities, including legal documents from the local to the international level (Regulation on the parents' committee of the kindergarten, the RF Law "On Education", the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, etc.). Make garden business card, indicating therein all areas of its activities and reminders to parents. Intuitively, provide information on the achievements of the children and staff of the institution (awards, certificates, diplomas).

Step 5:

Open event should the head of the kindergarten, providing information about the activities of the institution. Then senior tutor should acquaint parents with educational and developmental programs of pre-school institutions. Through a tour of the kindergarten, visit the group, a wellness center, rooms for additional education. After the head of the tour, you can invite parents to visit the exhibition aids, toys and crafts. Complete event a small concert of children engaged in different age groups or theatrical performance. The book reviews the parents are satisfied with the information obtained in the course of events, as a rule, reflect their pleasant experience.