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How to sterilize bottles in a double boiler

Every mother wants to give the child the best, and sometimes out of love for your child is ready to buy half the store. But it is not necessary to spend money on more expensive appliances to care for a toddler. Steamer - a universal thing: it is possible to prepare the first solid foods and sterilize bottles.

How to sterilize bottles in a double boiler

You will need:

Steamer, forceps, a clean container for bottles, clean towel.

Instruction how to sterilize bottles in a double boiler

Step 1:

Not every mother manages to establish breast-feeding, and then comes to the aid of a bottle of infant formula. At first it may seem that feed the bottle is much easier: no need to follow a diet of feeding mother, and feed the baby in your absence can any adult member semi.No not so simple. It is important to understand that artificial feeding the baby does not imply a smaller share of responsibility, because now the baby will not get fresh and sterile milk from your breasts. The first six months of life a baby will require sterilization of bottles by boiling or the use of special electric sterilizer.

Step 2:

You can save money by purchasing a wonderful assistant - a steamer. It is easy to sterilize bottles, nipples and pacifiers. And when the baby gets older, you will use a steamer to prepare vegetables for the first feeding the baby. Or maybe you already have a pressure cooker, but you did not know that the bottle can be sterilized in it?

Step 3:

The steamer easily accommodate some standard or wide bottles. If the bottle high, you can remove the additional section of a double boiler, freeing up space in height. If the bottle hinder adjustment to the lower shelf, the top, you can easily accommodate pacifiers and nipples.

Step 4:

To begin, wash bottles and nipples with the brush. You can use a cleanser children's dishes. It is important that no traces of milk mixture inside the bottle.

Step 5:

Pour the water in a special compartment steamers. Put the bottle on the bottom section of the steamer upside down, so that the steam can easily penetrate inside. Do not put the bottle too close to each other.

Step 6:

5-7 minutes - sufficient time for sterilization. But you can increase the time to 10-12 minutes for my own peace of mind. At the end of the program remove the bottle and place it in a clean container, pour boiling water. Cover the container with a lid or a clean towel.

Step 7:

The same principle can be sterilized in a double boiler manual breast pump packages for the collection of milk, teethers and other items.

Step 8:

After a few months you will simply pour a bottle of hot water, and you will not be sorry for the money wasted on the sterilizer. Steamer will be faithful assistant in the preparation of tasty and healthy food.