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How to sterilize breast milk

Sterilization of milk - heat treatment method, in which kills harmful microbes and bacteria. Due to the fact that under the influence of high temperature destroyed not only harmful, but also many of the nutrients of breast milk sterilization should be carried out only in the presence of specific indications, after consultation with doctors.

How to sterilize breast milk

You will need:

- breast milk; - Glass containers; - Enameled saucepan; - Towel.

Instruction how to sterilize breast milk

Step 1:

Consult your doctor for advice on the need to sterilize your breast milk (the doctor determines the extent necessary as a temporary option) or the use of expressed donor breast milk (with a deficiency or absence of breast milk from the mother). Expressed donor milk is sterilized. Sterilization of breast milk - this is an extreme measure, since this procedure is the destruction of nutrients: vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, enzymes, immunoglobulins. All of these nutrients are needed for the formation of the baby immunity.

Step 2:

If you have a need to process the milk sterilization container for sterilized milk (better if it's glass containers, but there may be special plastic bottles for infants).

Step 3:

Pour expressed breast milk by bottle from which you will later feed the baby.

Step 4:

Pour into an enamel saucepan of water so that the bottle of milk stood comfortably in the pot, and do not swim.

Step 5:

Put a bottle of milk in a pan, turn on the gas burner.

Step 6:

As soon as a rapid boil, turn down the gas.

Step 7:

Keep bottles of breast milk in boiling water for five - eight minutes.

Step 8:

Turn off the gas burner.

Step 9:

With a towel gently pull out the bottle enameled pots with sterilized breast milk.