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How to sterilize the breast pump

Breast Pump - a fairly new invention, but it is now firmly ensconced in the lives of young mothers. After all, it is very simple and easy to use, also provides an excellent opportunity to keep breastfeeding even if the woman can not be carried out with the baby all day.

How to sterilize the breast pump

Instruction how to sterilize the breast pump

Step 1:

Naturally, breast and bottle in which it falls from the milk storage vessel must be kept clean. Only in this case expressed breast milk will benefit your child. As is known, even small remnants of the old milk are a great environment for the emergence and development of various microorganisms. They can easily get from the intestines crumbs at the next feeding and cause a lot of trouble from dysbiosis and intestinal disorders to severe infections.

Step 2:

By the use of a breast pump is usually resorted to if the mother can not feed the baby herself, forced to absent himself or plans to take medication. Sometimes racking recourse in the event of cracks on the nipple or in the presence of a large quantity of milk, especially at the time of the establishment of breastfeeding. In any of these cases it is necessary to observe hygiene and sterilize breast pump and other necessary accessories.

Step 3:

Before you begin sterilization, disassemble the breast pump apart and rinse well using dishwashing, better designed for children, or children's soap. This can be done by hand or in a dishwasher. All necessary for feeding utensils (bottles, containers for storing milk) too should be thoroughly rinsed.

Step 4:

Then wash up all the available parts with plenty of water to wash away the remnants of detergent. If you have a sterilizer, then use it, acting in accordance with the enclosed instructions. If such a device is not present, put all the dishes in a clean saucepan, pour the water that it covers the parts and put on fire. Sterilize breast pump must be within 10-15 minutes after the water boils. After sterilization, the need to carefully drain the water and give the contents of the pan to cool.

Step 5:

You can sterilize the breast pump for a couple. With this method of sterilization on the details will not be flying that inevitably formed by boiling. To do this, pour into the pan a little water, put on top of a colander, put it in the breast and bottle. Colander, it should be covered with a lid. Hold on a ferry breast pump must be within 20-30 minutes after boiling water.