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How to stimulate the child's growth

Many of the children as they grow up begin complexes about their growth. To improve the situation, you can use self-raising, but in most cases it is necessary to resort to various techniques for increasing performance.

How to stimulate the child's growth

Instruction how to encourage a child's growth

Step 1:

Try to predict the growth of the child, according to their own parameters. Calculate according to the formula possible indicators: for boys - father height + mother's height 0,54-4,5; Girls - father + mother's height x height 0,51-7,5. Yet the conclusions of the final child is difficult to increase, it depends on many factors - genetic, intrauterine endocrine parameters.

Step 2:

Note baby food, the presence of infectious and chronic diseases. Often, it stimulates growth supplementation of protein products, vitamins and increase immunity due immunomodulators. The main danger is posed by endocrine disorders, which include pituitary disease, adrenal gland, thyroid gland. Among the factors retarding growth include heavy exercise, stress.

Step 3:

Cook varied and balanced diet, make sure that the child was not hungry. Be sure to cook porridge of any cereal. Every day, let the meat and fish. Dairy products should appear every day on the table. Three or four times a day, offer your child raw vegetables and fruits, herbs.

Step 4:

Exercise with your child. It is not necessary to achieve great sporting results, but exercise should always be to improve the effectiveness of increasing growth. Well stimulate the increase in the employment rate in basketball, volleyball. Water Treatments: swimming style "breaststroke", Dousing, sauna - it irritates the growth zone, allowing to extend the skeleton.

Step 5:

Take advantage of special complexes of exercises, for example, by the method of the doctor of medical sciences AI Berg, through which you can grow at any age.

Step 6:

Teach your child not to focus on its growth, pulling it with something, tap the abilities to music, drawing, sports. He must know that he can do it better than others. Most importantly - support for loved ones.