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How to stimulate the child's speech

The child's brain - a unique system easily perceiving and analyzing any information. During the first years of life the child develops complex tasks, and the ability to speak - one of them. We are able to help him in this, the more you need only to communicate more for it.

How to stimulate the child's speech

Instruction how to stimulate the child's speech

Step 1:

Talk with your child. Many parents feel insecure when they need to communicate with the baby, who has not yet talking. In fact, long before they begin to speak, children are well aware of the meaning of what was said and the tone of familiar words. Thus they add to your passive vocabulary. Communicating with your child, comment on their actions, tell him everything that surrounds him on the street and at home. Try to speak slowly and clearly, choose simple words and phrases.

Step 2:

Play games with sounds. When a baby is just beginning to utter their first sounds, answer him. Repeat sounds, smile, talk to him - let him feel the pleasure of communicating. Well it stimulates a variety of nursery rhymes and songs, and games, where it is accompanied by actions, such as "Forty-crow porridge cooked ...", "Let's go, went into the woods for nuts ..." and many others.

Step 3:

Read aloud to your child. Reading aloud helps parents who find it difficult to talk to the baby. Try to make your expressive reading: Voice portray different animals, make a pause, send voice mood. If the baby is not configured to listen for a long time and tends to quickly turn the page, choose books with bright illustrations and simply tell the child what is happening in the pictures. In this case, try to focus his attention on the image at least briefly, to point a finger at what the say.

Step 4:

When the baby starts to talk, keep it at that. React to his words, try to understand what he says. As a rule, parents who spend much time with the baby, after 2-3 weeks of communication are beginning to understand the baby, even if it says quite clearly.

Step 5:

Be patient. All children develop at their own pace, and many long accumulate vocabulary before you start talking. If you have a concern, please consult your doctor, but do not make this visit around an unhealthy excitement.