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How to stimulate the independent activity of children

The child wants to do everything himself, but not all at once he gets the experience and knowledge he acquires gradually. Unskillful actions can "crush" the kid in the pursuit of independence, making him insecure, suffer from complexes. It is desirable to avoid such errors.

How to stimulate the independent activity of children

Instruction how to encourage self-employment of children

Step 1:

Do not try to do everything for the child, even if you do so more easily. Teach him to dress themselves, to tie shoelaces, make sandwiches and so on. It is from time to time to allow him to be creative, to, if you want to cultivate a mature and adapted to the life of a person. Be patient and do not blame the kid for his blunders and mistakes. Remember that he wants to show you their worth, he wants you to think of its dexterous, skillful and talented. Go towards the baby and support his endeavors.

Step 2:

Think of the child as a complete being, do not take away from him the right to be a person, respect him. His desires and priorities may be different from yours, but still try to reach a consensus, not detract from the dignity of your offspring.

Step 3:

Of course, completely independent child can not be, because it is consistent yet not all. Autonomy is already incorporated in it, and it must manifest itself, if you send it in the right direction. Encourage your child's attempts to do something yourself, even if you did not happen. Demonstrate that you trust him.

Step 4:

Self-esteem kid to a large extent dependent on the opinions of adults. The decisive role in the formation of self-awareness of the child playing parents and older relatives. But self-esteem is closely intertwined with self-criticism, to slow down "vigorous steps" independence. Child doubt the correctness of his actions, he may feel uncertainty, withdraw into themselves and "run away" from any work, just to avoid mistakes. Patiently shows him on his mistakes, explain what it was wrong, help him to form an adequate opinion on themselves.

Step 5:

Do not confuse a childish stubbornness with its independence. Stubbornness - a manifestation of infantilism, immaturity. Teach your child to give and correct line of conduct. On the other hand, is built through confrontation personality kid laid his individual traits, so completely rule out conflict is not worth it. But to answer rudeness on whims and attacks can not be baby, this scenario is destructive.