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How to stop a tantrum child

Every parent faced (and still face) with the phenomenon of children's hysterical. In fact, it is nothing more than a theatrical performance, aimed solely at public catharsis. As it was found during extensive studies of the behavior of the child, that no kid will never start "representation" without making sure that he listens to, at least, a "viewer". It is not difficult to guess that by "viewing" the reaction time depends directly on "the scene".

How to stop a tantrum child

Instruction how to stop a tantrum child

Step 1:

Try to take a child something. Suggest, for example, go for a walk or entice him a musical toy (drum, accordion, flute). In fact, the music is very beneficial effect on the child's psyche. In principle, the baby can calm and a creative process that requires concentration. Give him crayons, pencils, paint, clay, and so on. D. Keep in mind that a lot depends on what tone you go to the kid. In fact, calm, balanced request comes faster than a loud command, break on a scream.

Step 2:

Just try to ignore the hysterical behavior of the baby, at least 5-10 minutes. The intended target does not communicate with him during this small period of time. As a result, the child refuses futile attempts to call the participation to the person through tantrums. After he wakes up, his reward communication, not forgetting, at the same time, calmly explain that such tricks will not meet your sympathy.

Step 3:

If hysteria was the delayed - pull the baby's room, where he can be alone with their own emotions. Before we leave it, make sure it is safe, and he could not cause injury to themselves. Then exit the room. The operating principle of this method to combat hysteria is the same - there is no audience, accordingly, not for anyone hysterics.

Step 4:

It happens that the "drama" is played on the street or in a store. In this situation, please be patient and wait for the child to get bored. Of course, you can try to distract the "young litsedeya" from the raging passions. Although it is unlikely you will succeed based on the fact that the hall will be full of "sell-out". But do not keep an arms such behavior. When the dust settles - explain to the kid that he behaved properly and you are very upset. Otherwise, all your output will be accompanied by the publication of similar antics.