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How to stop a tantrum in children

The hysteria in children - a phenomenon very, very unpleasant. Her symptoms spoil the mood of others, or for the most tears and cries of howler can cause disorders of the nervous system. That is why it is important to fit the child to stop in time. And it can be done by resorting to one of the following ways ...

How to stop a tantrum in children

You will need:

patience and self-control

Instruction how to stop a tantrum in children

Step 1:

When your baby comes hysteria, most importantly do not be like him and do not fall into the same state. Of course, you will be nervous, especially if the child is comfortable with a fit in public places: in the shops, on the street, etc. Do not repeat the mistakes of many mothers: do not persuade, and do not regret howler and loudmouth. Try to immediately revive him.

Step 2:

If hysteria occurred in a public place, not to listen to "useful" comments of others, or try to take the baby away, where no one will see you, if any, to take him out of the room.

Step 3:

Once you've stayed with the child face to face, try to switch his attention to the "wicked uncle" who swears on the baby, a cat that wanders away, etc. Does not help? Then use the following method: remember his (or her) passion and talk about it. If you do not help, and it is simply an urgent pace lead the child home to wash, watch cartoons, play with a favorite toy.

Step 4:

If hysteria occurred in your home, one of the most effective, though rather brutal methods, will close the child in the room and let him "cry it out." It helps and another, much softer solution: push the child to him and talk to him quietly on abstract themes. Baby calm down, and perhaps this will reduce the number of tantrums in the future.

Step 5:

Do not try to stop screaming and crying dramatic means: beating, screaming and pushing the baby is not necessary in any case. This will only scare him, and the kid can look inward for a long time. Believe me, if the child is crying, and it's so hard, and aggravate this condition at least nepedagogichno.

Step 6:

No matter how you worry, try to talk with your child slowly and calmly. Explain to him that his behavior is fundamentally wrong, and if his hysterical kid wants to achieve something, it will come to your goal much faster if you dry the tears and asks you to "humanly".