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How to stop feeding the child

Despite the fact that breastfeeding provides all the needs of a newborn, sooner or later, the day comes when the child must be weaned from the breast. Stop feeding the child is not so easy, but if you stick to certain rules, the baby will bring separation from loved product easier.

How to stop feeding the child

Instruction how to stop feeding the child

Step 1:

Start by reducing the amount of breastfeeding, leaving the morning and evening. During the day, try to switch attention to the kid something more exciting, because sometimes the child may request the chest, not because he was hungry, but simply out of habit.

Step 2:

The hardest part is not to feed the baby at night, as many children used to fall asleep with the breast. Feed your baby at night more tightly so that it does not require the chest due to hunger. The process of weaning is different in time, be prepared for the fact that the first time the baby may fuss and cry.

Step 3:

Do not try to replace milk compote or juice, as an alternative approach only pure water. For the sweet juice the children get used very quickly, and you can forget about a peaceful sleep at night.

Step 4:

In deciding to stop feeding, be steadfast. If you occasionally meet the needs of the child, then the process will last for an indefinite period and will be more painful for both of its participants.

Step 5:

Keep in mind that during the teething, during illness or the summer heat stop feeding is undesirable, as it will be an added stress for the child.

Step 6:

The less frequently attachment to the breast, the faster stop lactation and breastfeeding will end naturally.

Step 7:

For children who have reached the age of two, which is already possible to agree, there is another popular way - to spread the breast and green paint to announce that she was ill. Sometimes this method works, as the appetite is sight the child is not.

Step 8:

The most radical way to end breastfeeding - it is to leave home for a few days, entrusting the care of close relatives of the child. But this method is not good for the child's mind as suddenly the baby is changing the whole way of life: he loses, and milk, and mother. So much better to wean the baby gradually.