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How to stop milk production

Among pediatricians is believed that breastfeeding should be completed when the child is one year. Until that time, breast milk is necessary for all components to the full development of the baby. For this period, the mother is a necessary step during which the mammary gland is held natural evolution path and acquires some protection against cancer occurrence. It is important to complete the process of milk production without compromising the health of mother and baby.

How to stop milk production

Instruction how to stop milk production

Step 1:

When hypogalactia, ie with insufficient milk production, this process occurs naturally and does not require any extra effort. If your baby than breast milk additionally fed with a mixture will be sufficient to reduce the number of breast-feeding. To do this, replace the first one breastfeeding a day at the reception of the mixture. Within a few days continue this mode. After a week, replace the second breast feeding. After a couple of months, milk production will stop naturally without stagnation in the mammary glands.

Step 2:

When gipergalaktii, ie when excessive lactation, this process is carried out in several stages. In addition to the cessation of milk production function, it is necessary to create conditions for the return of breast tissue, so-called postlaktatsionnoy involution. Start taking drugs that suppress the action of the hormone prolactin. At the same time limiting the scope of the mammary glands, are wearing a corset or bra made of thick, do not stretch fabric. On the second day, when the milk will be very much there maximum discomfort. Decant it by hand or breast pump, but not completely. Be sure to leave a small amount of milk glands.

Step 3:

By the end of the fifth day of the intensity of the tide of milk significantly reduced. It is important throughout this period to closely monitor the fact that there was no inflammation sites, ie mastitis. Palpate the prostate after each pumping, if found sealing areas - and gently massage them Decant. Do not forget every time you leave pumping a small amount of milk glands.

Step 4:

The entire lactation decrease observe fasting days. Limit consumption of soup, tea and other liquids. Take diuretic infusions - bearberry, horsetail, parsley. In addition, inhibiting lactation property has a sage. Brew it as a tea, drink 5-6 times a day for half a cup of broth.

Step 5:

After the cessation of visible lactation for two months may continue mikrolaktatsiya. Those. Milk is produced in small quantities, however, it can be discovered only during a massage and pumping. During this period carefully follow the hygiene of the mammary glands, because the risk of penetration of bacteria through enhanced milk ducts and mastitis occurrence is saved.