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How to strengthen the child's immune system

Healthy baby - a dream of every normal parent. Mom and dad, wanting their child to less sick, trying to solve one very important question: "How to strengthen the child's immune system?" My parents are racking their brains, not understanding why their Dimochka sick six times a year, and the son of an alcoholic neighbor for every five years once.

How to strengthen the child's immune system

Instruction how to strengthen the child's immune system

Step 1:

Artificial immunity can be maintained through vaccination. They protect the body from dangerous diseases (such as diphtheria, polio). It is better to be vaccinated than to spend money on treatment and harm health.

Step 2:

Strengthen natural immunity will help tempering. If the outside temperature is above 15 degrees, on the street with the child need to be at least 4 hours a day. Walk in the sun. Direct sunlight is beneficial for the skin and bones. However, in the second half of the day to 16.00 they are harmful. Do not forget to wear a hat on the baby's head so that he did not get sunstroke. Toddler up to two years may be accustomed to go naked at a temperature of 23 degrees. Let it gradually becomes accustomed to the contrasting soul, to the wiping and pouring cool water. Very useful for swimming.

Step 3:

At an early age, the child can walk on the sand, pebbles, at an older age - to bathe in the river, lake.

Step 4:

The kid should wear clothing for the weather to not sweat and do not freeze.

Step 5:

A huge role in the formation of immunity given to nutrition. Give your child only those products that are appropriate for his age. Up to three years to exclude from the diet of fried baby, canned, smoked, salted. Poite baby milk, juices, feed fruit and vegetables.

Step 6:

Do not forget to teach your baby to hygiene practices: wash hands before eating and after using the streets, brush your teeth, wash.