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How to strengthen the immune system during pregnancy

Pregnancy - an important period in the life of a woman. The proper development of the fetus and the mother's well-being depends on many factors, including those from the immune system of the female body, its ability to resist infections. To pregnancy was without complications, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system.

How to strengthen the immune system during pregnancy

Instruction how to strengthen the immune system during pregnancy

Step 1:

Meals should be balanced. To the immune system to work properly, turn to the diet of foods containing dietary fiber. These include beans, asparagus, figs, bananas, vegetables and onions. Also, onions and garlic have inhibit the growth and development of bacteria properties, because they contain volatile. If you do not want to use them in large quantities in food, cut clove of garlic or onion into small pieces and place in a room on the saucer. Do not neglect and fermented milk products, because they not only become a source of calcium for you and the unborn child, but also to support the immune system by enriching lactobacilli organism. Be sure to eat fruits and berries are rich in vitamin C. Rosehip, cranberries, citrus fruits, kiwi will help you strengthen the immune defense of the body. Take vitamin complexes, prescribed by the doctor.

Step 2:

Fresh air and movement will also help to resist infections. Walk in parks and squares, engaged in physical exercises for pregnant women, sign up in the pool. Water treatments in addition will have the effect of hardening the lung, which also help to strengthen the body's defenses. Twice a week to do a wet cleaning of the house. Ventilate the apartment and working space, because the fresh air does not concentrate the bacteria, which means that the risk of catching an infection is minimal.

Step 3:

Observe hygiene, because many diseases can be obtained through the public objects. Wash your hands often with soap and water, and if this is not possible, always take it with you to the antiseptic wipes and gel. For the prevention of diseases during epidemics wear a gauze bandage, which must be changed every three hours. Try to avoid contact with sick relatives or colleagues. Get oxolinic ointment that is known for its protective properties with regular lubrication of the nose. Houses can gargle broth chamomile or calendula.

Step 4:

During pregnancy, try to rest often, in fact weakened, tired body to resist infection worse. Get enough sleep have a positive impact not only on your immunity, but also on mood.