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How to strengthen the muscles of the back of the child

The structure of the skeleton of preschool children specifically, they have not yet developed a habitual posture, because it is work enough years in the growth process, with the help of exercise, etc. But if you suddenly discovered that your child under the age of 5-6 years are clear signs of incorrect posture, immediately begin to take steps to strengthen the back muscles.

How to strengthen the muscles of the back of the child

Instruction how to strengthen the muscles of the back of the child

Step 1:

Determine how and developed strong back muscles are your child and whether he had broken posture. To do this, ask them to do a simple exercise. Let him get up straight and pull the hands forward. Watch as he can so stand. If the child will stay in this position for half a minute, the correct posture, muscular system is well developed. If less - means posture eased.

Step 2:

Check the quality of the mattress on which your baby sleeps. The mattress should be firm enough. Cushion to 3 years old baby is not needed, or it should be flat. But from the first days and up to 4 months, the baby is better to lay on the orthopedic pillow.

Step 3:

Check that the child observed daily routine - regular meals, walking on air, alternating work and leisure, tempering.

Step 4:

Choose a set of exercises based on the state of health of the child and the degree of fitness, in consultation with the orthopedist. Keep sessions causes mild fatigue, carried out with the hunting and the child understand their meaning. Breathing should be smooth, without delay and through the nose. Begin with 15 minutes, gradually increasing the time of up to 40 minutes. Engage first three times a week, then - on a daily basis. Performing exercises properly sized complex with sufficient load develops the muscular system, which is necessary for muscle growth.

Step 5:

Engage children beautiful posture, even checks it during the day in the classroom, on the walk. Ask him to watch the posture fellow kindergarten, analyze together.

Step 6:

Identify the baby in the sports section. Doctors recommend exercise with 4-5 years. Good swimming strengthen the muscles of the back, especially the breaststroke. In addition, useful yoga, playing sports (volleyball, basketball), skiing. Catching exercise yourself, you will strengthen the interest of the child for an active and healthy lifestyle, it will help him to avoid many health problems.