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How to style sleeping grudnichka

Until some time now that the baby falls asleep at the breast of the mother, it is the norm and ensure proper formation of the nervous system of the child, so do not listen to the adherents of long-obsolete Spock and make crumbs screaming in his crib for hours. Sensitive mother always understand how to properly put to bed grudnichka, and when it is ready for independence and adulthood. But here's what children like routine and a ritual - it is a fact, so it is necessary to develop the first days of life.

How to style sleeping grudnichka

Instruction how to put down grudnichka

Step 1:

Gradually, you realize who your child: early bird or a night owl. And the first adhere to the golden mean, and start to prepare the child to bed at 7-9 pm.

Step 2:

Very good "anchor" for the child is bathing evening before going to bed, it becomes a certain ritual and a harbinger of what will soon come night's rest. The child understands this and is already pre-configured to start a dream.

Step 3:

For two or three hours, limit the child from the noisy and outdoor games, because the nervous system is the kid still so weak and imperfect. Prefer quiet games, tell your child a story, read a book, just walking around the apartment. You can turn on soothing music - it also helps.

Step 4:

After bathing and hygiene procedures, create in the room where the baby sleeps, quiet and soothing atmosphere. You can even turn off the night light, let the baby get used to sleep in the dark.

Step 5:

You should be prepared in advance a comfortable place with cushions or a stool for your feet. Which is conveniently located, attach the baby to the breast, and sing him a lullaby.

Step 6:

When a child eats, fast asleep and independently release the breast, you can shift it in the crib.

Step 7:

All children love to sleep in different ways: someone on the side, some on the tummy. A little grown up, the kid will decide how it will turn to sleep and as it is convenient. In the meantime, put it on the flank - the most favorable position for sleep. Do not forget to periodically change the side.

Step 8:

Of course, put to bed grudnichka - it is not too difficult, all the "fun" begins later. Therefore, every mother must decide itself when to begin to teach a child to independent sleep. As in all matters relating to children, you will find on this subject a lot of completely opposite recommendations from different psychologists. Sooner or later, your child will learn to sleep alone, and yet he grudnichok not deprive him of this delicious joy - to fall asleep, sucking mother's milk.