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How to style-year-old baby to sleep

There are certain rules that help laid-year-old child to sleep. It is important that the baby learn to fall asleep on their own, without the presence of the parents, it will help him become a confident person does not suffer from complexes in the future.

How to style-year-old baby to sleep

Instruction how to stack year-old child to sleep

Step 1:

Each child's sleep is associated with certain things, so an adult is important to understand that? should precede their baby fall asleep. For example, if the mother is breastfeeding before going to bed, he can not sleep without this ritual. Therefore you should not be given to children before bedtime meal or drink. Also, do not rock the baby.

Step 2:

You must develop a habit of falling asleep at the crumbs in the same time. Install a certain hour, when you put down year-old child, and soon it will be time for him to sign that it's time to bed.

Step 3:

Try to make the child fall asleep without your presence. Let next to him will be a toy, blanket or pacifier. Suddenly, waking up at night, it will not look you and your favorite teddy other, and because he is always there, the baby fall asleep peacefully.

Step 4:

Develop a ritual that a child has to go to sleep and never change it. Let the kid takes off the clothes, hang it on the chair. Let him know that you are wishing him a good night, be sure to exit the room. If someone from the family will put him to sleep, the ritual should remain the same. Regularity and repetition of action is very important. Cover the baby should always be in her crib.

Step 5:

Active play is transferred to the daytime, children do not go to sleep, if you actively move before bedtime. Peaceful atmosphere, fresh air (open vents) contribute to a good sound sleep and fall asleep. Daytime sleep can be accompanied by a slight noise and light, and at night the baby to sleep in complete darkness and without noise.

Step 6:

Children are very sensitive, they are well aware, when the parents are nervous. If a family is something going on, the child should not ignore this. Try to keep yourself in their hands in any situation, your child's health is more valuable than anything else.