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How to survive a child her parents' divorce

Children are always very experienced their parents' separation. Divorce is for the child - is an acute psychological trauma. It is destroying the world in which he used to live, and most close and native people are traitors. The child feels miserable, losing something very important and valuable in their lives. At this difficult time he needs to feel the love and care of both parents.

How to survive a child her parents' divorce

Instruction how to survive a child her parents' divorce

Step 1:

For starters gather strength, thoughts, and tell the child about the impending divorce. Remember that during a conversation must attend both parents. It is better to pre-select the right moment to talk.

Step 2:

It is important that the child does not feel unnecessary. Explain that even after divorce, parents will always be with him. Reassure the child that nobody throws. The kid should not feel guilty in the divorce of their parents. Tell him that you love him very much and will always be there.

Step 3:

Stay calm and positive attitude to life. Try to protect the child from the conflict with its former half.

Step 4:

Do not talk bad about a former spouse. Reassure your baby that he will always be able to meet with him.

Step 5:

Try not to find out their relationship in the presence of a child, as if you wanted to. Remember, this way, you run the risk of forcing my child to take one side or another.

Step 6:

Be honest and open. Tell your child about how to change the life of mothers and fathers after divorce. Try to sincerely answer all his questions. You should not have secrets from him.

Step 7:

For some time, restrict the child from communicating with his family, that tell various nasty things about his parents. Remember that without them it is very difficult to survive the divorce of parents.

Step 8:

Do not forbid your child to communicate with the other parent. Do not forget that it is equally loved and mom and dad.

Step 9:

Try to fill a child's life with new occupations and hobbies. Keep him active life, so that he could escape from the sad thoughts. Most praise and cheer the child in all its endeavors. Get a pet. Take a trip to relax.

Step 10:

Your child should feel that the changes occurred in the family do not like will not reflect on his life, and his mom and dad very much like and do whatever is necessary to be happy.