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How to survive a divorce during pregnancy

Divorce - it's an ordeal for both, once people loving each other. The divorce process that occurs during a woman's pregnancy, it can cause a double whammy. Coping with emotions, pain and resentment, always accompanied by a breakup with a loved one is very difficult. To survive a divorce during pregnancy, you first need to believe in yourself, do not lose heart and think about the future health of your baby.

How to survive a divorce during pregnancy

Instruction how to survive divorce during pregnancy

Step 1:

First of all, try to analyze the situation and find out the reasons that prompted you to divorce her husband. If a man could not cope with the responsibility entrusted to him even before the birth of the baby, think about whether you need such an unreliable partner in life? After all, a truly loving husband and caring father must support his wife and child in any, even the most difficult situations.

Step 2:

Do not blame yourself for the upcoming or already held divorce, do not reproach yourself for being unable to keep her husband and keep the family together. From awareness of any errors in their behavior easier you still will not. Think better that a man who failed to cope with the vagaries of chicanery and his pregnant wife and the thought of his imminent fatherhood, care of the family does not paint.

Step 3:

Answer for yourselves this question: "Is it better to get a divorce or stay married to constant quarrels, scandals, insults and nagging?". Remember that parents - is the most respected people in the life of a child whose behavior he sets an example. And what kid can learn, constantly watching squabbling mom and dad?

Step 4:

In no case did not turn in on themselves and do not look for solitude. On the other hand, often try to be in the company of his closest friends and relatives. Do not hesitate to talk to them about their experiences. Really loved ones have always understood, supported, distract from gloomy thoughts, and will understand that the one you will not be ever.

Step 5:

Do not expect to go through a divorce during pregnancy will be easy. Thoughts of the future baby will help you to calm down and not let raskisnut. Over time, the experience of pain and hurt will be over. And finding the next closest, native and beloved man, your baby, be sure to fill your life with happiness, give confidence in themselves and their abilities.