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How to survive a missed abortion

Missed abortion and miscarriage are not much different from each other. Nonviable embryo by the laws of nature can not be further developed - there is a spontaneous miscarriage. In the case of non-viable pregnancy the fetus stops developing, too. In order to save a woman from a dead embryo resorting to medical intervention. In both cases, a woman loses the child and the causes of these situations are similar. The pain of loss, regret about what had happened. How to get out of this state?

How to survive a missed abortion

Instruction how to survive a missed abortion

Step 1:

Stop yourself to blame what happened. You could not affect the development of the embryo. If initially the fruit had some developmental disorders, whether genetic, hormonal or other reasons to change it, he was doomed. So the nature of conducting natural selection.

Step 2:

Do not keep all the pain in yourself, talk about it with someone you love, with my mother, with my girlfriend. If you want to weep - weep. Give vent to his feelings and emotions. On the Internet, a lot of women's forums on the subject - go and socialize. Here you will certainly find the right support and understand that life does not end there.

Step 3:

The main concern of women survivors of missed abortion - is the ability to have children in the future. Not always missed abortion indicates that you will not have children. It may just be a coincidence, unfavorable circumstances. Perhaps, your body was not yet ready for such pressures.

Step 4:

The loss of a child is not only a severe psychological trauma, but also a blow to the physical condition of the body. To recover, you need the time and desire. Take care of your health. Be careful what you eat. More eat vitamins. Walk in the fresh air. Try to observe the regime of the day.

Step 5:

If you suffer from insomnia, the color change of bed linen on a blue or green. These colors are a beneficial effect on the psyche, restore normal and sound sleep.

Step 6:

Visit your doctor and get advice on preparing your body for a new pregnancy. Follow all recommendations. If necessary, hand over analyzes and go through the necessary treatment.

Step 7:

If your psychological state is deteriorating with each passing day, the sadness and longing smoothly pass into a state of depression, you notice that they have lost interest in life - do not pull. Urgently seek psychological help. Sessions relaxation, hypnosis or acupuncture sure to bring you relief.

Step 8:

You should try to think positive, to let into your life positive bright idea to get more positive emotions. Pull in your life good and light. Stop accumulate grudges and forgive yourself for everything. You are sure to become the most wonderful loving mother!