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How to take a child from a children's home for the weekend

If you are not yet ready to decide on a responsible step - to become adoptive parents or foster parents, you can conduct a "rehearsal" and take the baby home for the weekend. This form of family unit called guest mode (Weekend mode). While taking the child to the guest mode can be up to one month.

How to take a child from a children's home for the weekend

You will need:

- application; - Extract from the house register; - Certificate of no criminal record; - A medical certificate of the established sample.

Instruction how to take the child from the children's home for the weekend

Step 1:

If you plan to take the child from the orphanage into the family on a regular basis according to a form of family placement (adoption, guardianship, foster family), guest mode can be for you and your child a good opportunity to reduce the period of adaptation. In this case you do not have to collect additional information and documents. If the guardianship authorities have issued a positive opinion, you have the right to take the child liked the home for a few days in consultation with the director of the orphanage.

Step 2:

Permission to take the children to the family on weekends or holidays are not under 7-8 years in order to avoid severe emotional distress in the child. Before this age, children are not yet able to adequately respond to the fact that in a few days will have to come back again. They are very attached to adults and the first day can call you mother. Children 10 years old ask permission for temporary residence in the family. You can not take the child for a period longer than one month. If you are planning a vacation with the child and go to another city or country, you will need permission of the guardianship authorities.

Step 3:

If you want to now just take the child on holiday, collect and provide to the guardianship necessary information and documents. If you will be given a positive opinion, in the course of the year you can take the children to visit. In that case, if you know well the director of an orphanage, because you are a volunteer, for a couple of days a child you can let go at your written request. Being a child in the family, you pay yourself. Expenditure on food, travel and entertainment are not funded by the state and care, and foster care.