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How to take a child home: cosmic sand

One of the most popular children's amusements recently become a game with a magic truly fantastic sand - kinetic. The material for the development of kids is often also called the space. Sand has unique characteristics like a normal river or sea sand, however, room for imagination provides virtually endless.

How to take a child home: cosmic sand

It is soft, ductile and if crumbly - Space sand is a favorite version of the game for children of all ages. Its purchase is a boon for those who can not often go for walks in the sandbox in the backyard or on the beach. Now for the fun playground will be at home! At the same time fear that the unusual sand stain kids all around, it is not necessary. Nice touch the substance can be easily assembled on the floor, it is not sticky and leaves no residue on hands and clothing. To remove it, simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

Eco-friendly, as assured manufacturers, angular sand is completely safe for children. He easily molded, which allows you to create objects of any form, helps to develop fine motor skills.

Play with the cosmic material can even be on the couch, not afraid to fall asleep grains of sand all around. It is best to pour sand in a plastic container or a special sandbox that often comes to product. In the set there and molds for modeling, which allows to have fun.

Sand, created with the help of space 'magic' does not require water contact. This is a very malleable material, which in a few seconds turn into a tight ball or a scattering of sand grains. By the way, in the sale of the kinetic product is sold in different colors - pink, yellow, blue, etc. You can purchase both foreign and domestic space sand.. They differ in name only slightly - in composition, the Russian product is positioned as a "space", but, for example, Swedish as "Kinetic".

What is the cosmic sand

Interesting fun helping to take a child for a certain time, and play with them all year round. Space does not dry sand and sculpt out of it, you can lock, animal figures, or simply load the material in a dump. You can also diversify by means of the kinetic product any other game, for example, to smooth its surface and draw funny faces on it. Or write letters hidden in the bowels of the machine weight, arrange a competition to build the tallest tower and much more.

It differs from conventional kinetic sand in that its composition contains special polymer materials which render the material pliable. 98% of the product consists of quartz sand. Weight for modeling hygienic for children's creativity gives the game a lot of exciting discoveries a child of any age.

Communication with the material for children is not only for this fun pastime, soft sand helps to feel peace, calm. So give the kids can play with it, and in the evening. The unique selling sand found in ordinary toy stores, you can buy it over the internet.