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How to take a child's urine

Urine tests are required to research, giving physicians information about the state of the child's urinary system. More often take urine for general analysis, by which determine the state of the kidneys and bladder. To obtain reliable results of research it is necessary to collect properly.

How to take a child's urine

You will need:

Sterile container with lid.

Instruction how to take a piss in the child

Step 1:

Before any child's urine should be prepared. On the eve of the procedure does not give him vegetables and fruits that have bright coloring: beets, apples or red pepper. They can affect the color of urine. Poite child normally not be exposed to excessive fluid intake, this affects the density of urine. Do not give him as much as possible medicines or herbal, and if the course of treatment can not be interrupted - inform the doctor who will interpret the test results.

Step 2:

Prepare dishes for collection of urine. Thoroughly wash and sterilize the jar with a lid, it is enough to hold it over the steam for 15 minutes. Or buy in a drugstore disposable urinal, it is suitable for a child of either sex.

Step 3:

Urine analysis collects only morning. It is advisable to bring it to the laboratory no later than three hours after harvest, otherwise there will be formed yeast cells. Before collecting the urine podmoyte child with soap and water, or using a weak solution of potassium permanganate. If the urine is taken at the girl, at podmyvanii important that the water dripping from front to back. If the boy at podmyvanii need to open the head of the penis, and wash it, but it can be done only if the child has no physiological phimosis. Otherwise, when the foreskin is slid violent can it hurt.

Step 4:

If your child is assigned urinalysis method Aleksander Kakowski-Addis, collect it during the day in a sterile container. After collection, the next portion of the container close the lid and place it in the refrigerator. After the end of the day all collected liquid shake and pour off about 200 ml sterilized in another bank, which is referred to the laboratory. On the label indicate the total amount of urine collected during the entire time.