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How to take a foster child

Child of the orphanage can take home, the so-called foster family. This family is the replacement for the time until the child will not find adoptive parents, not to reinstate the biological parents or not returned to the orphanage. The objective of foster parents to create a new family member comfortable conditions and to mitigate all the unpleasant recollections of a past life.

How to take a foster child

You will need:

- certificate of employment income; - Certificate of ownership; - A copy of the financial account; - A medical certificate of the established sample; - Copy of marriage certificate (for married couples).

Instruction how to take a foster child

Step 1:

Foster parents can be adult citizens of Russia, regardless of sex or marital status. Take the child to the family can and one of the parents. OPEC may take into account the number of children already in such a family.

Step 2:

Once you have collected all the necessary documents and information, you should contact the local guardianship authorities. If the documents you have everything in order, your application will be for consideration.

Step 3:

In the near future guardianship enforcement officers will inspect your living conditions. Your house or apartment must comply with health and safety standards, have all the amenities (electricity, water, sewer). You should not have debts to pay for housing and communal services. separate bedroom and work place should be given to a child, in an ideal - his own room. After touring for 20 days custody shall make a conclusion - whether or not you can become foster parents.

Step 4:

If you have received a positive response from care, you can search for the child. You can use the federal or regional data bases of children left without parental care. The child must state that it is possible to take in a foster home.

Step 5:

For the first acquaintance with the child must apply in custody for a permit to visit the orphanage. Do not tighten too search for a new member of the family, otherwise you will have to re-collect some reference, which have a limited validity period.

Step 6:

The foster family can take a child of any age. If a child over 10 years old, pass it only with his consent may be in foster care. Between care and adoptive parents is a contract in which the adoptive parents empower the guardians of the child. You have the right to bring it to monitor its physical development, health, decision-making regarding the provision of medical and other assistance, education, and give him additional knowledge and skills.

Step 7:

A child in a foster family have the right to visit the guardianship and to check the proper maintenance and education. In any complex and critical situations, you can remove it. You yourself can terminate the contract by returning the child in a social institution. The pupil has the right to attend the birth parents and other relatives. If the biological mother or father restored parental rights, they give the baby back.

Step 8:

During the execution of parental duties you will pay wages, plus will be paid a monthly allowance for the child