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How to take a urine sample from a child

Infants from the moment of birth fall under the supervision of pediatricians. To be thorough examination of the body need to be tested systematically, including baby urine.

How to take a urine sample from a child

Instruction how to take a urine sample from a child

Step 1:

To collect the urine in an infant, pour the water and blow on the bottom of the belly. The child immediately begin urination. The main thing - keep in readiness a sterile jar and just substitute it under the stream. Girls sometimes do not fall into the container. Go to the trick. Take a deep dish and pour over boiling water over it. Once again repeat - drip onto his stomach and blow. Place a dish under the child. Thus, at least part of the urine exactly is inside.

Step 2:

For children from six months of age or older, use the special urinal. It is hypo-allergenic sterile pouch, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. Wake the baby for five to ten minutes before he normally wakes up. So you have time to attach the bag to the baby pee. Hold him in my arms, to piss in the glass tank. When it is full, unclip it from the genitals and pour the contents into the jar.

Step 3:

If the child is accustomed to the pot before you collect a urine sample, disinfect the tank. Dissolve potassium permanganate in warm water and carefully wash the bottom and walls. Several times, rinse under running water. Then plant the baby on the potty. As soon as he peed, pour the liquid into a sterile jar.