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How to take a year-old child

The two-year baby - an independent, active and restless creature. He quickly moves in space, managing to put a finger on the move in the socket, to overturn a vase of flowers, and so on ... He already knows how to speak and express their desires. Take the child useful games, send it irrepressible energy on the development of physical and mental abilities is not an easy task, but if you get to be creative - it is quite doable.

How to take a year-old child

Instruction how to take a year-old child

Step 1:

A child under the age of two years and is actively developing every day learns something new. Take the baby for a walk through joint games, in the warmer months, on the playground or in the sandbox. Kids love to make mud pies, but do not always know how to do it. Show him how to handle the molds for sand. BLIND together with him figures of animals and talk about them. Apart from the fact that the baby learns to create his own hands, stories about animals contribute to his mental development. He will soon learn to recognize them and will itself tell you about them. In the winter, together with the baby sculpt snowmen and other snow figures, and teach him how to use a shovel - for example, to clear the way to the entrance. Explain why this is necessary, it should realize that their actions have a real benefit. The child will be formed a stereotype that help people - it's interesting and fun.

Step 2:

Home playing with a baby in educational games. Read his books, puzzles, the content of which has the solution. Play the game - find out what is depicted. Build together with him for a doll house or garage of the dice at a later age, he would be happy to do it yourself. Involve him as an assistant in cleaning the apartment. Kids at this age enjoy to help my mother clean the floor or the dishes. Of course, it turns out not quite what you want, but the main thing - to maintain a child's desire to be independent and useful.

Step 3:

If the baby still does not go to the nursery, it should be taught to communicate with peers. Write it in a circle or in the children's center. For children of this age there are Creative arts, and physical exercise. He was happy to climb the wall bars, play ball with the other children or simple dances and dance. In addition to the development of motor skills and other skills in children's centers, kids are learning collective communication. This will come in handy later in the process of adaptation of the child in kindergarten.