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How to take the baby from the hospital

Adopting a baby - a serious and responsible step that requires a deliberate decision. If you weigh everything and decided to take a newborn baby directly from the hospital, at the beginning encounter problems. In order to take the child from the hospital, you need to go through all the bureaucratic authorities, as in the adoption of the baby from other children's institutions.

How to take the baby from the hospital

You will need:

- application to issue you an opinion on the possibility of being an adoptive parent - autobiography - a certificate from the employer indicating the position and earnings statement for the last 6 months, or a copy of the declaration of income (if you are an entrepreneur) - a copy of the account - an extract from the house register or a copy a document confirming the ownership of the dwelling - a certificate from the police department about the absence of a criminal record - medical certificate - for unmarried - a copy of the marriage certificate and consent of the other spouse to the adoption of a child - for single adoptive parents - a copy of the birth certificate of the adopter.

Instruction how to take the child from the hospital

Step 1:

The hardest part of the adoption process - to receive a positive opinion from the guardianship authorities. First collect all the documents that may be collected prior to visiting officials. They will help confirm your serious intentions and improve contact with a representative of the guardianship. After that, go to the guardianship and custody of your place of residence. They will talk to you, give forms for further collection of documents. Having reviewed your application and check the child's future living conditions, guardianship authorities will make a conclusion about the production (or refusal statement) you registered as a candidate for adoptive parents.

Step 2:

If you have received a positive opinion about the statement you are registered as a candidate for adoptive parents, time to move on to the second stage of the adoption procedure - selection of the child. If your area has not appeared in hospitals refuseniks, then you can pick up a child in any other city within the country, although this procedure may take a long time.

Step 3:

The next stage of adoption - a judicial review. You need to apply to the court for the child's place of residence requesting the establishment of adoption of a child. The Court shall decide on the basis of an application filed by you and submitted documents.

Step 4:

But here and the court ruled in your favor. Hooray! Your child! Now you just have to drive to the hospital in person and pick up the baby. Surround it with care and attention. And do not forget that even in the period of three years from the date of adoption, the representatives of the guardianship authorities will monitor the living conditions and upbringing of the child.