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How to take the child from the hospital

Then came the long-awaited moment, and just a few hours later the young mother and the newborn will be at home. Both are healthy, all of them in order, and can only safely deliver them from the hospital. Now there are few who come to mind to walk, well, except that the hospital is very close. The machine is more convenient in all respects, but it is necessary to observe some rules.

How to take the child from the hospital

You will need:

- car seat - insert for babies; - Autocradle; - the envelope; - a blanket; - 2 undershirts; - Blouse; - Diaper; - 2 diapers; - Sliders.

Instruction how to take the child from the hospital

Step 1:

start to prepare in advance for the red carpet. If you have a car, buy a car seat with an insert for newborns. It you will need in the future. If you prefer to keep my mother with a baby in a taxi, you must agree in advance with the company, to a certain time to the maternity hospital filed a machine equipped with such a chair or avtolyulki. These devices have not all taxi drivers, so the manager must be time to find a way to fulfill your order.

Step 2:

Find out in the hospital, some children's things you need to bring. Each hospital that list hangs in a prominent place, but at the moment when the future of a happy future mom dad lucky to give birth, it usually is not looking. Underwear depends on where you put the baby in the car. If the mother will hold him in her arms (for example, when traveling at a very short distance), take the blanket area, thick and thin diapers, 2 vests, cap, hat, diaper, tape. For the cold season will take another flannel blanket. Swaddle the baby nurse in the hospital.

Step 3:

If the baby will go to the car seat, you do not need a warm blanket, and envelope. The remaining set of clothes the same, only instead of the cradle in which the baby is wrapped with handles, sliders needed. Toddler strapped to a chair, and it feels great. Do not worry that it is a bit of an angle. No harm to him would not be on it, and the kids who vomit frequently, this situation is even useful.

Step 4:

Give mom when leaving the hospital flowers or not - everyone decides for himself. The woman is nice, but is itself a bouquet in such a situation is not very convenient. You can buy flowers and put them in a vase at home.