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How to take the child in a foster family

They say that children - the flowers of life. But not everyone can have a baby, and this is often the cause of despair for women and couples. But if you are ready to become parents, please contact the Children's Home, which currently contains thousands of children waiting for their mothers and fathers.

How to take the child in a foster family

You will need:

- A medical certificate on the state of your health; - Documents on the family income; - Documents on the housing conditions - financial and personal account of the paper, confirming the right of property (for privatized apartments); - Certificate of no criminal record. It can be taken to the police department (ATS); - Application filled according to a special form.

Instruction how to take the child in a foster family

Step 1:

Go to the guardianship authority (PLO) and write a statement for which he asked to give an opinion on the possibility of becoming foster parents.

Step 2:

Wait until the PLO examines your living conditions and checks the documents necessary for taking a child to a foster family. The decision to issue a report is prepared within 20 days.

Step 3:

If all of the documents and the conditions in the order, the PLO take their list of children who can be adopted, as well as making this body the direction of the visit.

Step 4:

Once you have visited the children's home, make a decision about adoption within 10 days, as the law says. Next, write the waiver or consent, and can re-apply to the PLO for a list of children. The number of destinations to visit is not regulated.

Step 5:

If you agree to take the child, write a statement to the court on adoption and attach any relevant documents.

Step 6:

Wait for decision - the court will issue a verdict on which you will have the right to take a child into their family or not.