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How to take the child in her arms

The advent of a small child in the family brings a lot of fears. He is so gentle and fragile that even scared to take him in her arms. However, just being on the hands of the parents is very important for the baby. This positive effect on his emotional and physical development.

How to take the child in her arms

Instruction how to take the baby in her arms

Step 1:

A newborn baby should definitely support the head. Therefore, it takes a very small child should be with both hands under the armpits. The middle and index fingers should keep your head and big bow chest. If the baby is lying on his stomach, then it must also take only the index and middle fingers should be ahead. Child who confidently holds his head, you can just take it, holding the chest or waist.

Step 2:

Once you have a child in her arms, it is necessary to create a comfortable position. Children up to 3 months, put on the flank to his chest, the head should be on the crook of the elbow with the other hand, keep your back and buttocks. If you carry the baby for a long time, periodically change the side to avoid the development of torticollis.

Step 3:

Baby after 3 months, you can keep your back to her, one hand clasping his chest, and the other bent knees. After 6 months of the baby can wear belly down. One hand miss between the legs, and the second support your breast. This posture will help you understand your baby how to crawl. To do this, it is often so worn. When a child learns to sit up and keep your back flat, it can seat next to his elbow, clutching her side, and feet must at the same time should be spread wide.

Step 4:

When the child grows up and will weigh more, carry it on your hands will be more difficult. In this situation, it is appropriate to use the sling. They come in different types and satisfy the tastes of any, even the most demanding mother. Sling has 3 positions - face-to-mother on her back and side. A baby can use the crib or pose a special tab. If the child is able to walk and often ask for a hand to the ground, you can buy hip-vulture. This kind of seat is attached to the belt.