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How to take the hands of the newborn

The child was born, and the first few days in care medical staff maternity hospital. But there will come a time when a young mother on their own, without the help of caring nurses will have to take the newborn in her arms. This moment volnitelen and responsible, so inexperienced mothers should know in advance how to do it.

How to take the hands of the newborn

Instruction how to take your hands newborn

Step 1:

Try to calm down and not be nervous before you take the baby in her arms. Otherwise, awkward and stiff in his movements can lead to wrong actions, and even to a child's injury.

Step 2:

Stand in front of the baby so that his head is on your left and right legs, because you'll have it on the left hand - usually exactly holding their baby.

Step 3:

Lean over the newborn in order to reduce its "path" to you, because every rise in baby bed - stress for him. Because even if the distance is up to you, he has to overcome, it will be shorter.

Step 4:

Move your left hand with the fingers spread under the neck of a newborn so that the thumb and forefinger supporting the child's head, his neck was placed in the center of the palm of your hand, and part of the palm under the little finger and ring finger together with the said finger supporting the upper part of the child's back. Thus the lower part of the skull, neck and upper back of the child will lie on the palm of your hand. It's easy, it is worth only a few times to try to do these activities.

Step 5:

Move the right hand under the baby from his left side, and place it back, buttocks and upper thighs in his right hand and wrist.

Step 6:

Try to raise a child with a low surface of the bed or Pelenators not only the power of arms, and connect to this action due to their backs. In this case, you will not need to leave the child in the weight on your hands: it will reduce the likelihood that the baby will slide with them, and the baby will be more comfortable.

Step 7:

After the newborn took in his hands, you need to properly position it. Push the baby horizontally to your body. Holding the baby's head in his left hand, turn the smooth movement of the right hand under the waist and buttocks baby under his back. In this movement the baby is gradually on the right hand up to her elbow, and the palm of the right hand gradually assumes the position under his head.

Step 8:

At that moment, when your right hand to reach the baby's head and you can support it, the left hand should make the movement along the back to the buttocks baby. This newborn with the right hand is shifted to the left. With the proper location of the child's head and back should lie on her left hand at the elbow, buttocks - in his left hand, keep the newborn hip palm of his right hand.