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How to take your baby

Any child requires greater attention. Sometimes parents do not have a free moment for yourself. Of course, the time to feel sorry for children it is not necessary, but household chores are not done by themselves. How to take a child while you are cooking dinner or iron clothes?

How to take your baby

You will need:

- water; - Bath; - Plastic ware; - Paper; - pencils; - Boxes; - old things; - Buttons; - Shells; - postcards.

Instruction how to take baby

Step 1:

Ask your kid to bring something from the next room. Caution children to quickly switch, so the subject of the search process, it can be carried away by this or that game for a longer time.

Step 2:

Fill a small tub of water and ask your child to wash the dishes (it is better if it is plastic). Young children love to help a senior, so the request they perceive with delight. You in turn will be able to calmly deal with household chores.

Step 3:

Ask your child to draw a portrait of the Pope, grandmother, favorite kitty or doggie. Drawing not only allows you to develop creative talents of the child, but also helps you to carve out free time.

Step 4:

Each house has boxes or bags with old things. Take at least one of them and let the kid to dig into it. If you have old stuff - just stuff for the baby - a real treasure.

Step 5:

Older children require more attention. Try to engage your baby what is happening outside the window. To do this, put it on the window sill, and he would entertain themselves. Just make sure it is safe. It is necessary to eliminate the risk of falling from a window.

Step 6:

Encourage your child to do sorting buttons, shells, stones, cones, cards and other little things. As he lays on the piles of items, you will be able to make an important call or watch TV.

Step 7:

If the child is older than two years, it is unlikely to take the above-described methods. Here it is necessary to resort to developing games. For example, a game of "hot-cold". Hide the object and send the player in search. If he comes close to the hidden objects, say the word "hot". If the player should be the distance from the subject to say: "It's cold." Thus, he will understand where the hidden object.

Step 8:

An interesting and enriching lessons is drawing with both hands at the same time. The goal is to draw on a single sheet of two different shapes. For example, the right hand the child draws a circle, and the left - a square. And it begins and ends at the same time draw.