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How to talk to children about art

Before you start a conversation with the child about the art think about what you do know about it. Begin to study the history of art, music, film and other arts. Walk on the exhibition, film premieres and concerts. Then the desire to acquaint the child with the art will be supported by their own experiences and impressions, and this is half the battle.

How to talk to children about art

You will need:

- aids art; - Visit libraries; - the Internet.

Instruction how to talk to children about art

Step 1:

Get the album with reproductions of paintings by famous masters. Consult a shop, some of the albums is suitable to work together with the child. Before you start talking about art with the kid, leaf through the album themselves. Highlight the most interesting and suitable in your opinion of the work. Make a bookmark. Write down the names of the paintings and artists whose names you mentioned for yourself. If you bought the book - just the album and any additional information does not contain, collect the information yourself. To do this, you can go to the library or look on the Internet.

Step 2:

Start classes. Taps conversations about art with a child a few hours a week. Let him become accustomed to communicating with you on the subject of art. Why is easier and more correct to start with the painting? Because of all the arts, it will probably be clear to your child more often. In his experience, he probably already had time to get acquainted with the fact that such a drawing. Therefore, to penetrate the secrets of the art of drawing it will be easier than to study music, literature or cinema.

Step 3:

Start the session with reference to the picture. Open the front of the reproduction of the baby. Ask him to look closely at the picture. Discuss with him what he sees. Be alert to what he first pay attention to the picture. Then ask what her izobrazheno.Zdes you can expect surprises. Regarding the picture story child can nominate the most unusual version. It is difficult to grasp the story that is depicted in the picture, so it is likely to begin to enumerate the individual depicted objects. Your task - to confirm his observation. "The picture really shows all items that you have listed, but let's see what this picture is?" Teach it to integrity, not the individual components of the web.

Step 4:

Go to the discussion of the ways in which the artist embodied his idea. Better to say, without using technical terms. You yourself can call them, but do not demand this from the child. Your task is not to grow a few art lessons and instill in your child a desire to refer to the art and to provoke an emotional experience from the web. Ask your baby, why the artist used these are the colors for this picture. If you look at the landscape, give the child an opportunity to speculate why the sky, the water, the leaves just such shades? Of course, there is a more or less harmonious concept of art criticism in this regard, but your task - to get the child to meditate, focus, peer into the picture, and not give a precise answer.