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How to teach a child retelling

The development of speech preschooler takes place in several stages. It is believed that seven-year child should be able to present the contents of a small text. This requires a detailed retelling, and the allocation of the main idea in 2-3 sentences. If a preschooler is not able to retell the text, it is possible to teach in special classes or in kindergarten, or in conjunction with a qualified speech therapist.

How to teach a child retelling

Instruction how to teach a child retelling

Step 1:

At the first stage and teach the child to understand the meaning of reading stories and answering questions about the storyline. Who main character? What did he do? What came of it? The more details will be discussed in each educational material, the greater the effect will this step for the further development of the child's speech. You can use this technique when reading bedtime stories. Tale "continuation" - a good tool in the formation of retelling skills. The next evening, start reading with a question: "Do you remember where we left off yesterday?". A child needs help, remind him of the main events - in this case, the skill will be formed soon.

Step 2:

At the second stage the child learn self-identify the main idea of ​​stories, which gradually becomes more complicated. If the first lesson material contains a clear single line of semantic developments "grandfather planted the turnip. - Grew turnip ... ", then in the future the main story" acquires "a variety of details and amendments which are not directly related to the plot of the story and can be confusing. The task at this stage - to learn to know the main content of the text of any complexity and to compare it with the name of a story or a fairy tale.

Step 3:

In the third stage and teach the child to retell the text with the help of support schemes. You can not write the plan, as is often done by adults. Suffice thumbnails, which aptly displayed semantic load a single piece of text. At this stage it is possible to write some words that will help your child not to get lost in the plot.

Step 4:

The last stage - free retelling of the text without support. Again we start with a simple, familiar baby fairy tales and stories. It is better to beat the situation, ask the child to tell a story my mother, brother, etc. ukachat You can style your doll, telling them familiar from an early age stories. Even closer to the school, enter into the everyday practice of retelling as a separate activity. Form the habit of a child after reading the mandatory tell what was the story. Better to do it twice: once after reading the next day.