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How to teach a child to a mixture of

Every mother knows that there is nothing better than breast milk for her baby. But once there is a question about the child's transfer to the mixture, it is necessary to know how to do it without harm to children's health.

How to teach a child to a mixture of

Instruction how to teach a child to a mixture of

Step 1:

Breastfeeding - is not just a process of power, and a kind of communion of mother and baby, through which a child becomes acquainted with the world, studying the relationship with others. Transfer the mixture to the child's mother is a substitute for the child other people: dad, grandma - that will satisfy your hunger, but it will not have such an impact on emotional development, which has a mother. Therefore, when feeding from a bottle or spoon do not forget to communicate with your child, stroking him, talk to him, cuddle.

Step 2:

Pick up the correct mixture. It is important that the mixture, which you give to the kid, he is fully fit for the age. From what you feed the baby with a mixture of three to six month, he probably will not grow and will not add weight, but the emergence of allergies it can contribute. The higher the age group, the harder and heavier food. The body of the child can not cope with its processing, because of what it accumulate substances that cause allergic reactions. If, after feeding the baby with a mixture of skin irritation appear, you need to immediately stop giving the mixture and to consult a doctor.

Step 3:

Translate to the mixture gradually. If you choose this method of feeding, due to the fact that you become inconvenient, uncomfortable to breastfeed or you feel that the milk runs out, then try to express breast milk into a bottle, and each time add more mixture until it replaces milk completely . This method of translation in the mixture will be more gentle for your child.

Step 4:

Check the condition of the baby's health. In our time, we can choose a mixture which is useful properties will not be different from the mother's milk. However, to avoid problems, you should keep an eye on the baby's skin color, consistency of stool. If in any doubt, that the mixture does not fit your child, you should consult with your doctor.

Step 5:

Pick the right bottle and pacifier. It is often difficult for children to get used to a rubber nipple, why they simply spit it, wincing at the same time as if you give him something to eat. Try to replace the rubber nipple with a bottle on the silicone. Experiment with her form. There are many bottles that will not only repeat the form of the mother's breast, but also simplify the process of feeding, to prevent ingress of air bubbles, thereby significantly reduce colic and regurgitation.