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How to teach a child to ask for a pot

Schooling the child to the pot - a very exciting and important moment for parents. In fact, the problem is exaggerated. All the same, your baby sooner or later will go to pot, and later on the toilet.

How to teach a child to ask for a pot

When a child has learned to sit up unaided, you can gradually start introducing him to the pot. Tell your child what the subject and why it is needed.

Try to plant the child on the potty. Under no circumstances should you exert pressure on it, if for some reason he starts to cry when you put him there. As long as the kid does not know what is going to the toilet - can not control this process, but, gradually accustom the baby to walk it on the pot, you are planting it the right habit.

At this time, you can move seamlessly from ordinary diapers to panties, diapers - they, of course, are more expensive, but it is more convenient and can be lowered a little, when you intend to drop the baby on the potty. He begins to understand and control the process of walking to the toilet only after one and a half years. Up to this point you can gently instill the habit of the baby.

After one and a half years, explain to the child that he has to do it on the pot - over time it will begin to ask for him. If this does not happen - did not raise a panic, it's still going to happen. Someone accustomed to the pot immediately, someone slowly - all children are different.

In summer you can leave the child without a diaper - he begins to understand that to be wet unpleasant.

Take your child with you to the bathroom and give him an example of how to go to the toilet - they are very well aware.

By the way, some children prefer instead of the pot immediately with a special children's toilet "Seats" - Try, can your baby is out of this number.

Do not worry, everything will turn out!