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How to teach a child to breathe through the nose

Proper breathing can prevent many diseases. The air passing through the nose, humidified, warmed, the excess dust particles and microbes are also deposited here. It is a kind of protective mechanisms of the organism. If the child is breathing by mouth, it gets only 15% of the required amount of oxygen - under constant oxygen starvation. Also, the correct differentiation of nasal and oral exhalation is necessary for the proper staging of sounds and speech phonation.

How to teach a child to breathe through the nose

You will need:

- Consultation ENT doctor; - Adenoktomiya; - Consultation of a speech therapist; - Special breathing exercises; - Preortodontichesky Trainer.

Instruction how to teach a child to breathe through the nose

Step 1:

Complete examination by the ENT doctor. The doctor will identify the possible causes of nasal breathing disorders. This can be a deviated septum, polyps, adenoids. According to the survey, you will be prompted to conservative or operative treatment (adenoktomiya or removal of polyps). Drug treatment is best combined with physiotherapy (laser or UFD).

Step 2:

Refer to a speech therapist for the production of nasal breathing. Special breathing exercises you will be offered: do 10 breaths / exhale through the right, then the left nostril (approximately 4-6 seconds), in turn, closing one nostril with your thumb. Another exercise: on inspiration to resist the air, for that press down with your fingers on the sides of the nose.

Step 3:

Try to turn off the mouth breathing by raising the tip of the tongue to the hard palate. Take a relaxing breath, then exhale tapping his fingers on the wings of the nose and at the same time pronounce the syllables ba-bo-bu. At the same time train and correct abdominal breathing. Exercising not only teaches how to breathe correctly, but also useful for the formulation of sound in children with nasality.

Step 4:

If you do not help exercises, try preortodontichesky Trainer. Child for one hour during the day and overnight wear preortodontichesky Trainer blue, and before that buried nose "IRS19". If you have patience and support of the child, then three months later nasal breathing is restored. At first, the child may lose Trainer at night and wake up without an apparatus. This is normal, it happens because the muscles surrounding the mouth, initially very weak and could not hold the device in the mouth at night. After a while, the problem disappears. Breathing recover soon, if you wear the device every day. Care for the Trainer is very simple, it is enough to wash with warm water after each wearing and keep a special box clean.