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How to teach a child to eat fruit and vegetables

Do not expect that your child will voluntarily have all that you will bring to the table. Some of the children may feel an aversion to any new dish, especially if it's fruits and vegetables, they begin to act up and refuse to eat. However, there are simple ways to teach a child to eat healthy foods.

How to teach a child to eat fruit and vegetables

Instruction how to teach a child to eat fruit and vegetables

Step 1:

Instead of forcibly encourage your child to eat everything, try to develop a special menu and unobtrusively offer to try new dishes. When you are in the supermarket, let the child choose his favorite vegetables, fruit and other products. Let he will take part in the cooking process. Let him, for example, grind in a blender and place in a bowl of vegetables. Or let him wash the fruit. The kitchen is a great place where children can get acquainted with the products and methods of their preparation for the new ones that will undoubtedly arouse interest in new dishes.

Step 2:

Provide more choices for children in the first stage. Serve more different dishes at every meal. So you can find out what he likes. Before the start of the meal on the table, put a fresh salad or a plate of vegetables to quickly teach a child to wholesome food.

Step 3:

Try the well-known method of "dessert only after emptying all the plates" that the child receives sweet food as a reward. Thus, a delicious dessert can make your child eat healthy dish even that he does not like.

Step 4:

Get rid of anything that distracts the child from eating. As long as you set the table, turn off the TV, remove the toys away, refrain from unnecessary calls. If a child is something distracting, he will definitely lose all interest in food.

Step 5:

Serve healthy "snacks" throughout the day. Children love to "chew" and between meals. But instead of filling chips plates, post baby grated carrots or cherry tomatoes.

Step 6:

Make meals more fun. Cut the vegetables in different colors and sizes and mix them in different colors. Buy fruits of all colors and put them all in one dish.

Step 7:

Serve your child a good example. Children learn from their parents. If you avoid healthy food, do not expect that the child begins to eat it himself. Most say the children that healthy food will help them to grow beautiful and smart.